The main base of the chair is surgical units 2 clinics   Regional SVD and Republics SVD. The clinical bases of the department completely fit the profile of training, are part of the dermatovenerologis services, practical health care.

The department has also actively used in teaching computer technology and presentation equipment . Most of the lectures and seminars prepared in electronic form using original photographs and filmed at the department of educational films. Carried out a planned gradual renewal of teaching and laboratory equipment. In the past five years has repeatedly been modernized equipment available to meet the growing challenges. Carried out the planned transfer of demonstration material with tables, overhead projectors for multimedia presentations. Available at the department equipment allows you to shoot training films for the subsequent demonstrations during class.

Particular attention is paid to the teaching of surgery daily control of student’s knowledge by conducting theoretical seminars, after a preliminary analysis of patients on this topic with carrying out practical skills.

The subject of Skin and venereal diseases are on  medical-prophylactic faculty 4 course, 4-year.

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